Our Story

It all started in 1992. I had attended a gathering earlier in the evening and eaten a plate of hot wings. As I lay in bed that night, my mind began to wander and I thought to myself “perhaps I could come up with a distinctive recipe for hot wings that would knock people off their feet with just one bite.” Over the next few days, I spent hours in the kitchen experimenting with a multitude of ingredients until I created the perfect combination of seasonings. To solicit feedback on my new creation, I gave away wings to friends and family members to serve at gatherings.

One day, I was contacted by a group of guys who were throwing a party and wanted to purchase a platter of hot wings. I was ecstatic! My hard work was starting to pay off. From that transaction, I only earned $100, but knew it was only the beginning for me.

Two restaurants and 21 years later, I was given the opportunity to revive my first love. My nephew and I decided to open Wings & Things to re-introduce the world to my famous wings and other signature offerings.

Wings & Things is the perfect place to catch up with friends over a scrumptious plate of wings or grab a quick bite to eat. Stop in today to give your taste buds a treat. We promise you won’t be disappointed…

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2800 E. Central Ave. Wichita, KS 67214 Phone: (316)-260-1926

New Location! 331 W 31st S Wichita, KS 67217 Phone: (316)-522-2000